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餐館服務費中午12-15% 晚上18-20%

Q: 當英文只停留在問候語的階段,如何鼓起勇氣走入餐館點菜?
A: 英文菜單上的生字是比課本還要多, 如果剛來到紐約要壯膽的話第一天可以先去可以用1,2,3 點套餐的地方…
例:麥當勞,漢堡王,溫蒂之類等… etc.
通常一坐下來餐廳裡的服務生會先問你要不要先喝點什麼?Would you like something to drink? 點好飲料後在慢慢開始看菜單.

一 “看不懂就請服務生推薦“, 熟背一下這句 Could you recommend some popular dishes?
二 “通常菜單上主餐的第一道菜都不會錯“  有著這兩個提示 應該可以幫你壮壯膽, 就這兩點牢記在心就可以開始你的曼哈噸美食之旅.

PS: 上館子前可以上紐約菜單大全先研讀一下生字, 此網站收集紐約的餐廳菜單幾乎一網打盡, 就可以自信滿滿的走進餐廳點想要吃的菜摟.


  1. Comment by Ben — 11/21/2010 @ 11:19 PM

    For tips, just double the tax amount. For example, if the tax for the meal is $2, then the tips should be $4.

  2. Comment by JC. — 11/22/2010 @ 12:03 AM

    it’s a bit more then double. If it’s good service, suggest to add some more dollar up after you double the tax.

  3. Comment by Ben — 12/19/2010 @ 7:21 PM

    Tipping is subjective. The doubling tax method is a general rule of thumb. Usually I’d add up to a whole # so for lunch it’s over 15% for sure and dinner is about 18-20%, depending on how attentive and courteous the servers are. But forget about Chinese restaurants! There’s no such thing as customer service in most of the Chinese restaurants, as we all know.

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